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BridgeGap Consulting (BGC) services and solutions help organizations achieve strategic goals and transform resources into value by strengthening and harmonizing leadership, management, technology and process design.

Strategic Management and Organization Development: organizational health assessment; aligning strategy, systems and resources, HRD systems including training and development

Business Analysis and Process Engineering: requirements management; systems integration and optimization; resource management; customer focus and value delivery; technology innovation; measuring for decisions and reducing uncertainty and risk

Quality Management and Improvement Programs: QMS assessment, development and implementation; Lean systems and culture; Six Sigma programs and/or projects; BPM

Take advantage of our vast knowledge base and our team's focus on industry best practices. Our professional reports and debriefing concisely present essential information that enable decision making.
Project Management
No matter the deliverable, professional project management is applied to plan and execute project objectives that have been properly aligned with the organization's strategic goals.
Training and Development
Development planning

Lean System Development

A process-based program is implemented as an integrated management system and positioned to be grafted into the cultural fibers of the organization a la TPS. - See "Lean Manufacturing in the Oil Refinery" White Paper

Organizational Health Assessment

Determine the organization’s potential to work at full capacity and perform root cause analysis to identify limiting and at-risk factors.

Organizational Gap Assessment

Identify the organization’s goals, assess its current state of affairs, and provide a complete evaluation and description of the gap that exist between the two.

Building Strategic Strength

Ensure solid strategic planning, achieve organizational alignment, move from planning to action, build in flexibility, and develop tactical response capability.

Human Resource Development System Implementation

Develop a system that ensures personnel at all levels are competent, well-adjusted, and well-suited for their role in the organization.

Business Analysis

An assessment of the organization overall value proposition, its business model, and specific value streams including requirements gathering and translation, process measurement and customer focus.

Systems Development

Ensure product and service quality and delivery, customer and other stakeholder satisfaction and process owner accountability giving consideration to management, operations and support systems or processes, as well as organizational triggers, levers, and relationships.

Quality Management System Development and Implementation

Based on the client’s industry and customer requirements, an ISO-based QMS can be audited, assessed, developed and implemented in preparation for certification or otherwise.

Organization Performance Optimization

Align strategy, systems and resources so that management, operations and support systems most effectively execute and deliver the organization’s value proposition.

Six Sigma Implementation

After assessing the organization’s culture and capabilities, a true fit program can be developed and implemented ranging from project identification to waves of green and black belt training.

Innovation Review

A critical look at key processes and the use of technology and, where appropriate, a cost-benefits analysis to determine opportunities and create a prioritized investment and implementation plan and budget.

Project or Program Management (PMO)

Cradle to grave or specifically focused service to supplement or support current resources for projects or programs that create a demand exceeding the organization’s current capacity or capability. Also see our affiliate PM managed services provider PMOBridge.