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About Us

BGC is a service organization seeking to help leaders achieve their vision... even if that vision has yet to be developed. Founded in 2005, BridgeGap Consulting LLC initially provided Six Sigma training and ISO-based quality management systems consulting in the border region of El Paso, TX and Juarez, MX.

With an aggressive services expansion goal and a vision of growth to a global presence, BGC moved quickly to develop additional capabilities. In 2008, with strategic management and IT services made available, financial, technical, and other industry clients were added to our portfolio. In 2012, BGC made a strong move to become a competitive training resource for project and program management. In addition, project partnering facilitation services were added and continued growth into a more modern Lean practice was pursued. Also, change management and operational excellence (OpEx) became target fields of interest. 2013 saw large expansions in leadership development programs and strategic planning workshops.

Today, we continue to grow our service offerings with additions such as project management managed services and new markets such as the healthcare industry. Our vision remains constant as we move to develop new channels and new relationships. We are committed to becoming a global business partner with a complete set of solutions for organization of all kinds.

Whether we provide the solution directly, tap into our rich partner network, or supply materials to be used by our client's internal resources, our value proposition remains constant. You can get there from here and we can help.

  • First, we value every member of our organization, integrity, and honest relationships.
  • We also esteem right-fit, responsiveness, and bravery in the context of upholding commitments and self examination.
  • We understand the importance of innovation, collaboration and decisiveness.
  • We emphasize precise and comprehensive analysis and synthesis, getting a clear, complete and accurate description and/or representation of the truth.
  • Finally, we seek to be compassionate and highly regard sensitivity and empathy.
  • Truth and Paradigms
  • Organizations
  • Management and Leadership
  • Resources vs. Relationships
  • Technology’s Place
  • Measurement

BGC is known globally for its remarkable insight into organizational performance and its ability to help clients reach goals that matter and sustain their success. Having such an exceptional reputation, our services are highly coveted and sought after. As a result, the company is able to fulfill stakeholder goals, both personal and professional.

  1. We will achieve our vision through the individual and collective efforts of our team including our strategic partners and alliances.
  2. We will apply to ourselves the best of what we have to offer our clients.
  3. Our services and solutions will be derived from a foundation and mastery of a carefully developed set of best-practice tools, techniques and methodologies.
  4. Our skillful response to client needs will be a result of not only our competence but strict adherence to a service delivery model that is designed to ensure complete satisfaction.
  5. We will temper our aggressive pursuit of innovation with an integrated quality management system.
  6. We will implement precise yet comprehensive solutions that recognize the organization holistically and address its fundamental elements, namely resources, strategy and systems.
  7. We will provide our clients with remarkable value and responsive service.
  8. We will be careful to only take on engagements for which we are capable of delivering high value and high quality.
  9. Having been selective about our clients and commitments, we will be fiercely loyal and committed to their success.
  10. Finally, we will be at the forefront of those who shape and define our industry, ensuring our capability to provide services and products that deliver the best available solutions to our clients.